Friday, December 17, 2010

Mayor of Austin proclaims Dec 8 "DiscoverHope Day" honoring our work

Dear DiscoverHope Family,
This note is drenched with Gratitude! Last week at our Holiday of Hope event, we had an absolutely magical evening and we are glowing into the Holiday season from the beautiful people who support our work near and far. We raised $25,000 that evening!

At the event, I mused with the 250+ people there that “miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.” (Course in Miracles). That means when we are expressing love, we are actively creating miracles. That is REALLY good news for all of us.

Being the Director of DiscoverHope has put me on course to receive so many miracles. The women and their courage. Nora and Des and the entire Peru based team who ignites the program to life. The Board of Directors who passionately give their talent and love for me and this organization everyday. The incredible volunteers who are the expression of the organization in community. The donor family who provide the living breathing life force for all that we get to do. Talk about miracles!

At the event, John Thornborrow our President of the Board surprised the crowd by reading a Proclamation by the Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell, honoring DiscoverHope’s work and proclaiming Dec 8, 2010 “DiscoverHope Day. The proclamation reads that “DiscoverHope is among one of Austin’s leading, inspirational organizations that stands for a world without poverty. DiscoverHope ignites personal power with the belief that everyone has a fundamental desire to share their greatest strengths with the

This was a total surprise and all I can say is that I felt the deep and lasting love and pride that comes with everyone’s belief in creating a good and kind world. I thought of sitting in my tiny apartment back in 2006 and just trusting this was something that my heart felt was important to do. Not listening to the inner critic (or not enough), thankfully…to help build a base that is now carried by people who are miracles expressed in this world.

You are one of those people. This is your honor. Thank you for building this.

This season, we hope you’ll consider giving the GLOBAL GIFT of a future to someone you love for a meaningful Holiday gift that will build lives for years to come. The GLOBAL GIFT funds a microloan for a woman to start a business, answering how she will feed her children. This gift funds training to grow her business, answering how she will send her children to school. Your support funds a way for her to use her ideas, energy, and power to provide for her family, answering how she will get out of the devastation of poverty. With a GLOBAL GIFT, this woman, mother, and entrepreneur has the POWER to change life for herself and her family thanks to your help.

You can give GLOBAL GIFTS on our Donate link at I will personally write them a love letter honoring your gift for them if you provide their address/email in the “in honor of” field of the form.

More than I can express, as I said before, I am drenched with Gratitude.
Love for you all,

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