Friday, April 23, 2010

Makes the Job Easier

Yesterday we finished a three week crochet course. 14 loan recipients learned how to make baby blankets. The group met every Thursday for 3 weeks; which for some was just enough time, and for others, well... their poor little blankets are still very little. (Don't worry, our unfinished blankets will be finished by the crochet class next month, when the students will bring their work to class again) What I really appreciated about this course was that Nelly, our crochet teacher extraordinaire, lead the group with her soft, gentle leadership, individual coaching each participant in their work.

I talked with all the women in the class yesterday about other possible crochet/knitting projects. They were not short of ideas. In fact I think we have enough yarn projects to bring us through the end of the year. This makes my job easier. When the women are eager to learn and know what they want to learn, I can plan it. Make it happen. Next yarn project: children's sweaters.

Paz ~ Nora