Thursday, October 1, 2009

Combi Twister

Welcome to the Combi amusement park ride :

I play twister in the combi.
The minivan is full of arms, legs, strong and poignant smells, alfalfa in the face, sleeping child on my shoulder.
Bodies are intertwined; Personal space is a foreign concept.
I find a seat to head to work, to the campo, to where ever the combi goes.
I am lucky to find a seat. Others are playing twister standing up.
My leg is touching 5 other people. I am not in the U.S.
As we continue to play and make moves, the combi starts its rollercoaster speed.
We round the corner as if bummer cars were let loose.
BAJA! BAJA! I bang my 70 soles cents on the window.
I squeeze out of the minivan and leave the rest of the group
to play twister for the rest of the rollercoaster way.

I arrive to the office, my body tired and my system sick with a cold.
Did the twister ride make me sick?
New world - Chocolate class - good smells - happy participation - some type of different twister with other rules.
Hands cutting hard bitter chocolate, stuffing molds, putting in sweet fillings, kids laughing with excitement at the sweet taste they will soon have.
I leave the women to work because I can. They are organized, responsible and working diligently.
I can't always leave early, but today I could. I can go home and rest and recharge for another day.

But, first I have another game of twister in the combi before I arrive home.

Paz ~ Nora

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