Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proud of my Macrame-er's

I went to pick up my Dad in Lima and life as I know it continued in Cajamarca. I left Cajamarca with one Macrame (knotting art) class under our belt. We had 10 women start a month long Macrame course (once a week) and what I witnessed the first class was the women learning their first knot and making bracelets. I missed their 2nd class, but when I returned to Cajamarca with my Dad for their 3rd class some of the women were working on their second belt! I was so proud. We have one more class to go next week and I have a feeling we may have to offer another month of class come July.

It is exciting that my Dad gets to witness all this cool stuff happening with our women. He is taking Spanish classes in the mornings and visiting my groups with me in the afternoon. Starting tomorrow we are going to start to squeeze in some touristy kinda stuff, like thermal baths and waterfall and window mountain hiking. My Dad has been a trooper as we both got some kinda of crazy stomach bug, but both got up in the morning and tackled the day, bugs and all. We are feeling better now and are packing in activities with the days that remain of his visit.

The women really enjoy meeting my Dad. Coming to Peru alone and living and working alone is a bit strange for people that come from a very family focused culture. They love not only meeting my "young" Dad, but I think also seeing another part of me. Just waiting for more visitors to come so that my women can put together all the pieces of my family.


joanne said...
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joanne said...

Nora, I love you and love what you are doing. Peru is fortunate to have you! Te cuidas mucho!!