Friday, December 7, 2007

Safe Landing

I have arrived in my new home for the year, after an uncomfortable 15 hr. night bus ride and some altitude adjustment I am soaking in cajamarca. Maggie has been a phenomenal guide, and I feel like I immediately have a ton of friends. The mountains are majestic. The people are beautiful; there is a mix of modern and ancient here. The mercado is like a piece of heaven, I will be getting fat this year, guaranteed.
Today I went out to the "campo," or countryside, to meet some of the women I will be working with. I went with one of my new coworkers, Vanessa. She told me as I got on the moto, "I don´t have my license (to drive), but I will drive safe." What else could I do, but let the wind brush my hair as I sat in awe of the mountains and surroundings that were a feast for my new eyes?

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